Established in 2013, Azoya is a leading turnkey eCommerce solutions provider, which endeavors to help overseas retailers break into China via cross-border eCommerce. The company prides itself as being the e-commerce leader that has signed exclusive agreements with the largest number of overseas retailers in China.

The solutions are supported by well-established service modules, i.e. eCommerce cloud hosting, eCommerce platform setup, managed operations, warehousing & logistics, branding & e-marketing, RMB payment settlement, customer service, Chinese content engine, supply chain finance, brick-and-mortar introduction and consulting & advisory.

With its all-encompassing services and dedicated specialist team, the company has won trust from more than 35 overseas retailers in 11 countries, such as La Redoute, the largest online retailer of women's apparel in France; and Feelunique, the largest online premium beauty retailer in Europe.

Azoya’s one-stop solutions and services offer a cost-effective and risk-free approach to break into the China market. With Azoya doing the ground work in China, overseas retailers can avoid all the nuisances arising from traditional international expansion, such as setting up local business entity, confusion over government policies and market adaptation, etc.

Some of the world's most renowned retailers and brands work with Azoya


Alex Huang

Co-founder & CEO

Alex has been driving Azoya’s vision, strategy and growth as it helps more and more overseas retailers succeed in China. Alex had previously worked as a general manager at an IT giant company in China for 14 years, leading over 2,000 employees of multi-cultural backgrounds. He had taken the lead in some major business expansion of his former company. He is resourceful and well connected with China’s influential business elites, which is crucial to help an overseas retailer start a business in China. With Alex taking the helm, Azoya has formed a young and vibrant team that dedicates to delivering its promise to its partners.

Don Zhao

Co-founder & Executive Director

Don is a business pioneer who never settles for less. During his 10 years of experiences working in more than 23 countries, he had developed a broad vision on business innovation. When he co-founded Azoya with Alex, he undertook a mission to bridge the gap between overseas retailers and the increasing market demand from China through solid work and innovation. Don is enterprising in operating business. His experience in supervising telecom programs with a total value of over 1 billion USD had made him a go-getter who always strives to achieve more. He had spoken globally about his insights into eCommerce innovation and how it can be applied to helping overseas retailers grow business in China.



Although Azoya helps you with all the operational work in China, it remains invisible to Chinese customers. Instead, Chinese customers only know they are buying directly from you, experiencing your products and services, approving of your brand. You are given the privilege to build your own customer base and customer loyalty, rather than being restricted by the local E-com platforms.


Under Azoya’s one-stop solutions, you won’t risk your investment on setting up local business entity, hiring local staff or opening office in China, etc. There’s no entry cost, which is indispensable in traditional expansion. No local stocking is needed, which will significantly reduce the risks you face. Since Azoya’s solutions and services cover all aspects in cross-border eCommerce, you don’t need to find other local partners.


Azoya’s well-established solutions are supported by cutting-edge IT technology, experienced operation team who has intimate knowledge about the local market. Azoya’s dedicated experts will be responsible for all your local ground work from startup strategy to localized marketing. With Azoya doing all the operational work, you only need to focus on what you’re good at and fulfill the orders.


Jim Buckle feelunique COO

When the Jersey Economic Development Department introduced Azoya to us, we were impressed by Azoya’s understanding of the challenges for an international eCommerce business selling cross-border into China and by their willingness to invest in building a business in partnership with us. Working with Azoya we are able to have a Chinese language version of our site, which meets the expectations of the Chinese consumer, supported by relevant local marketing. Importantly, we have a partner that understands the local market and the local customer in a way that we are unable to do from the UK.

Sebastian Kraus Bodyguard Apotheke CEO

Azoya is a serious and competent partner. We have an almost round-the-clock care delivered by Azoya.We have 100 percent trust on Azoya's expertise and the cooperation between us is a fun. We have chosen Azoya because we want to work only with the best to uphold our image as one of the best pharmacies in Germany .

Cedric O’Neil 1001pharmacies CEO

I’ve been told that China offers an enormous market, but have also heard that big European companies fail to survive there. We chose Azoya because it has intimate knowledge in the Chinese market. What we’re pleased about is that with Azoya taking care of the groundwork in operating and marketing our Chinese channel, we only need to focus on supply and fulfillment – for us, that’s just like selling in France.



  • A world-renowned multinational computer technology company.

Payment Partners

  • A subsidiary of China UnionPay, supporting UnionPay’s global business.

  • A major Chinese online payment platform owned by Alibaba.

  • A global payment services provider focusing on international eCommerce payments.

  • A global leader in seamless payment.

  • An integrated payment platform launched by Tencent.

  • An in-app payment feature to allow all WeChat users pay transactions quickly on their mobile phones.

Logistic Partners

  • A fast global courier service by China Post.

  • A state-owned enterprise operating the official postal service of China.

  • China Customs is a Chinese government agency.

  • A leading provider of delivery management technology.

  • A mail, parcel and eCommerce corporation listed at Euronext Amsterdam.

  • A leading consumer delivery specialist from the UK.

  • An independent distribution provider dedicated to eCommerce.

  • A leading Chinese delivery services company.

  • A division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL.

  • A Belgian company responsible for the delivery of national and international mail.

  • A postal service company in France.

  • A postal service company in the United Kingdom.

Business Associations

  • A leading British organisation promoting trade and investment between the UK and China.

  • A UK Government department working with businesses based in the United Kingdom.

  • The UK's industry association for e-retail.

  • A French eCommerce association consisting of over 370 companies and nearly 600 websites.

  • The Australian government trade commission for Australian exporters.

  • An Australian industry association and advocacy body committed to Australian retail.

  • The Belgian association for companies active in distance selling, both online and offline.

  • A professional law association in Paris.

  • A non-profit organization dedicated to improving business relations between China and Germany.

  • An organisation dedicated to promoting business and trade between Australia and China.

  • An organisation dedicated to promoting business between New Zealand and China.

  • Händlerbund is the largest E-Commerce association in Europe with more than 55000 secured online presence.

Marketing Channels

  • The largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.

  • An eCommerce giant who provides cloud-based eCommerce software solutions.

  • Lengow is a ecommerce automation solution provider that services brands and distributors internationally.