A timeline of events and news about China cross-border E-commerce in 2016

by Azoya

2016 was full of surprises when it comes to Chinese cross-border E-Commerce, and to some extent, dramatic.

A series of policies released by the Chinese government had reflected the growing awareness of the policy makers to guide the industry towards a more stable, healthy and regulated future.

Consumers, on the other hand, are drenched in the sea of high-quality products, and they are expecting faster logistics and better services. Thanks to strong momentum of economic growth, Chinese consumers are becoming more affluent, resulting in the upgrade of consumption power. It is foreseeable in the near future that the demand for overseas products will remain high.

There are more retailers than ever to enter the China market via cross-border E-commerce to seek expansion of their international businesses. Not everyone is happy with the result, and some of them had temporarily withdrawn their businesses to rethink their strategies towards the fast-changing China market.

Below is a timeline of key events and policies took place in 2016. We hope that this would shed some light on the cross-border E-commerce trends in 2017.

2016 china ecommerce timeline

timeline 2016 ecommerce china 2

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