CECS (Chinese E-com Cloud Services) covers everything essential to enter the China market by launching your own Chinese online store. Under CECS, customers place orders in your online store http://cn.e-tailer.com/, which is under the joint management of Azoya team. The orders are generated from China and transferred to your team for processing. Goods will be shipped to our warehouse in your country in small parcels. Then the parcels will be forwarded directly to Chinese customers via IT-driven E2E international logistics.


  • Spotlight your retail brand to Chinese customers from day one
  • Fully customized online platform to deliver the best shopping experience in visiting speed, using convenience of the web, payment and customer services, etc.
  • Well-established management of day-to-day operations with full infrastructure marketing
  • E2E cross-border logistics & RMB payment settlement
  • No changes to your existing order fulfillment process


Azoya has set up a cross-border eCommerce platform named Haituncun to help overseas retailers to sell their quality products to Chinese consumers. Haituncun.com enjoys a high reputation among Chinese overseas online shoppers for it has solved the problems of trust and authenticity. Chinese customers can buy directly from overseas retailers on Haituncun. All products on Haituncun can be traced back to its original site. The prices are kept the same with the original prices. The real-time shipping information is traceable to convince users they are buying from a reliable source.


  • Work as a supplement to your own Chinese online store. Get more traffic and sales opportunity
  • Get featured on the leading cross-border E-com platform in China
  • Immediate solution for digital marketing, including customized content, data analysis and private affiliate program


Cross-border O2O is designed to target at Chinese outbound tourists and access them in an omni-channel way even when they are in a totally foreign environment. Under the cross-border O2O solution, the offline experience and online transactions are integrated seamlessly through mobile devices. Customers are attracted to your store via online channels, the transaction journey is then moved to the online platform. The purchase is made on the spot, but the goods will be sent to customers’ home in China through cross-border shipping. Once a transaction is completed, the customer relations are not terminated. Customers can share their shopping experience on Chinese social media, and you can acquire more customers without them going to your store.


  • Integrate online transaction platform into your offline business to promote your footfall.
  • Repeat purchase can be easily generated by interacting with customers on Chinese social media and converting them to regular customers.
  • Introduce a cutting-edge technology “Beacon” to secure the whole process.
  • Dynamic shopping behavior data can be acquired, which will equip you with better inventory management.