Amala Beauty Doubles Down on Livestreaming in China With Austin Li

by Queenie Yao

Livestreaming with China's top anchor is an effective method for emerging beauty brands to gain traction in China.

Azoya's client Amala Beauty launched a joint livestream campaign with Austin Li, China’s top beauty KOL on July 26th. At its peak, Austin Li’s live-streaming session drew an audience of 13 million viewers.

Known as a top livestream anchor in China, Austin Li has a reputation of being very selective on brands to partner with. During the live, Austin Li gave a comprehensive introduction to Amala Beauty and demonstrated to the audience how to apply Amala's Advanced Firming Complex & Skin Perfecting Serum on the face of one of his assistants. The campaign enables the audience to look at the product in a much in-depth operation, learn how it can be used, see how it works with other items, watch test users’ reactions to it.

Tmall Global store.png

Amala Beauty's Tmall Global Flagship Store

This special campaign drew hundreds of thousands of livestream audiences to visit Amala’s Tmall Global Flagship Store. During Li’s live-stream session, Amala recorded skyrocketing increase in sales compared to the daily average.

The main consumer group for livestream sales is contributed by consumers in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, with an affluent lifestyle, who frequently shops from international premium beauty brands.

Azoya partners with international beauty brands to launch their China DTC operation, and provides marketing services to help brands attract targeted Chinese customers.

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