Azoya Enters Into A Strategic Relationship With Sigma

The launch of Amcal signals the strategic relationship between Azoya and Sigma has come to fruition.

by Azoya

Amcal, Sigma's subsidiary online pharmacy, has launched its Chinese site with the help of Azoya. Amcal is the first of Sigma’s brands to go live with a Chinese e-commerce site.

The launch of Amal signals the strategic relationship between Azoya and Sigma has come to fruition.

Mark Hooper, CEO of Sigma Pharmaceuticals, said the expansion will meet the growing demand from Chinese consumers for high quality and ethical products from Australia.

“Given the language and cultural barriers, we wouldn’t have been able to fulfill our Chinese expansion plans without a local partner,” Hooper said.

“Azoya’s innovative e-commerce platform and expertise dispel our concerns over business expansion into a market we barely know,” he added.

Don Zhao, co-founder and executive director at Azoya, said Chinese consumers are increasingly looking to Australia to buy directly through cross-border e-commerce after being deterred by safety and quality issues with domestic products.

“We are excited to be able to offer leading Australian e-commerce businesses like Sigma with a cost-effective and risk-free approach to breaking into the Chinese market to meet growing demand from consumers,” he said.

This expansion of Sigma has attracted a lot of media spotlight in Australia. iTWireAJPPower RetailInside Retail, and The Sydney Morning Herald have reported this significant business expansion.

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