Azoya Signs Partnership with US-based Certified Watch Store

Brooklyn-based Certified Watch Store is a popular discount retailer of luxury and designer watches.

by Azoya

Shenzhen, China, August 20th, 2018 - Azoya has a signed a partnership agreement with US-based Certified Watch Store, an online retailer of discounted luxury and designer watches, to help them enter the China market. Certified Watch Store products will be listed on Azoya's cross-border e-commerce platform, bonpont, and the two will work together to explore additional avenues to sell in the lucrative China market. 

Certified Watch Store has grown rapidly over the last three years and recently entered into the handbag and fashion accessories space, particularly in the sale of designer sunglasses. The company sees a great deal of potential in the China market, as average per capita income has grown substantially over the years and demand for imported brands is stronger than ever. The company sells well-known brands such as Tissot, Seiko, and Victorinox. 

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Certified Watch Store's US website features watches, jewelry, accessories, and handbags

"Designer watches is a category that is underdeveloped in the China e-commerce market, and we think that Certified Watch Store has the potential to do very well in this niche," said Azoya co-founder Don Zhao. "Some of our sales channels have already expressed interest in some of Certified Watch Store's products, and we are excited to work with Certified Watch Store to grow their business in China."

In addition to launching Certified Watch Store products on its proprietary platforms, Azoya will act on its behalf in negotiating with other potential partners in the region for distribution purposes. 

About Azoya

Azoya has several years of experence in helping international retailers and brands set up and operate e-commerce stores in China. As a borderless e-tailing group that has helped over 30 different retailers and brands enter and operate in the China market, Azoya's seasoned e-commerce teams can provide a wide range of different solutions that include IT, marketing, logistics, payments, customer service, and more. 

About Certified Watch Store

Certified Watch Store was founded in 2007 as a discount retailer of luxury and designer watches. It is based in Brooklyn, New York and has since expanded into the jewelry, handbag, and fashion accessories categories. It sells brands such as Bulova, Gucci, and Victorinox, as well as handbag brands such as Coach and Kate Spade.