Azoya Unveils the Latest Business Model to Help Global Retailers Expand into Booming Asian Markets

E-commerce expert celebrates 400% average CAGR since 2014 by directly connecting retailers with Asian shoppers with less risk and lower costs

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NEW YORK AND HONG KONG, September 14, 2017 – Award-winning, turnkey e-commerce solutions provider Azoya announced the latest evolution of its business model, which will help more global retailers and investors adapt to emerging retail trends in China and Asia-Pacific (APAC) nations and delight consumers with cross-border e-commerce. The announcement took place this week during an investor forum hosted by Azoya’s investor CLSA Capital Partners. 

A growing number of foreign retailers are entering Asia’s thriving e-commerce market, which will reach 1.8 trillion USD in 2018, accounting for 60% of the global e-commerce market, reports eMarketer. Azoya has grown by helping global retailers successfully enter the large, lucrative China market, by sharing local market knowledge, and fully-managed e-commerce solutions to boost customer retention, reduce costs and risk, and scale fast. In addition, Azoya has earned above-average results, including a repeat purchase rate that is 50% higher than the industry average, covering 1 million SKUs from 10,000 brands and 11 countries. Now Azoya’s business model includes an integrated business intelligence system, a new loyalty-building membership program and option to expand to other APAC nations.

With this new, consumer-centric business model and ecosystem, Azoya helps even more Asian consumers access safe, quality products from around the world through online shopping. Retailers gain the proven expertise of a partner, which decreases their costs and risk, and saves them time as they expand to Asia. (For instance, leading European beauty retailer Feelunique partnered with Azoya and exceeded its sales expectations in China.) Investors also gain access to growing retail markets with less risk thanks to Azoya’s track record of success.

“Azoya’s development can be seen as the epitome of industry transformations,” says Azoya CEO Don Zhao. “We created one of China’s first cross-border e-commerce marketplaces ( in 2013. But soon we saw the limitations of the marketplace, which prompted us to help retailers establish their own official retail platform to enhance retail brand influence and consumer trust. Now we are evolving to cater to APAC market demands and will develop more sales channels. We believe this will be the future of cross-border e-commerce: evolving from a point-to-point, one-directional online trading approach to a point-to-multi-point, two-directional business approach to meet global consumer demand.”
Azoya Ecosystem

Azoya’s increasingly robust ecosystem (illustrated above) includes the following new additions to the company’s business model:

  • AzoyaClub: AzoyaClub is a loyalty membership app that provides a wider range of select brands’ and retailers’ latest offerings, and creates a cross-border shopper community with social sharing features. It aims to identify and market to Azoya’s existing shoppers to boost engagement, cross-selling and lifetime value per customer.

  • Asian market expansion: The new International Network Model gives overseas retailers options to expand to more Asia-Pacific markets. Azoya recently helped a German online pharmacy expand to South Korea following a successful launch in China.

  • Hong Kong and China bonded warehouses: Azoya developed near-shore warehousing solutions to improve customer experience with greater efficiency and faster delivery.

  • Deeper data-driven expertise: Azoya continuously enhances its data analytics capabilities with a business intelligence system. The business intelligence system includes customer profiling and behavior analysis, which helps retailers promote targeted, personalized content and products to boost sales and loyalty.

These expanded offerings solidify Azoya’s positioning as a leading borderless e-commerce group that connects global retailers with increasingly affluent shoppers in Asia. With an extensive digital and cross-border infrastructure network established by Azoya, retailers can better capture the opportunities in these booming markets and impress Asian consumers.

About Azoya

Azoya is a leading turnkey e-commerce solutions provider, which endeavors to help overseas retailers break into China via cross-border e-commerce. The company prides itself as being the e-commerce leader that has signed exclusive agreements with the largest number of overseas retailers in China. With its all-encompassing services and dedicated specialist team, the company has won trust from more than 35 overseas retailers in 11 countries. Including French fashion retailer La Redoute, Australia's largest pharmacy group, Sigma, as well as Feelunique, the largest online beauty retailer in Europe. For more details, visit


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