Azoya’s new WeChat shop SaaS solution simplifies selling to China

China e-commerce expert helps U.S. and foreign companies of all sizes reach up to one billion Chinese consumers by creating cross-border WeChat shops

by Azoya

Shenzhen, China and New York City, April 3, 2019 – Cross-border online exports to China are booming, as 125 million Chinese consumers spent over $1.45 trillion US in 2018. To help U.S. and foreign companies sell to the biggest retail market in the world with greater ease, Azoya announced a new cross-border WeChat shop SaaS solution to connect companies with Chinese consumers using the super-app WeChat. WeChat has attracted an astounding one billion monthly active users with its streamlined integration. As China’s Facebook for social networking, Instagram for marketing, Google for search and PayPal for payment, WeChat is now evolving toward social commerce. By launching a solution that helps small and medium companies create their own cross-border WeChat shop, Azoya levels the playing field by directly connecting companies with Chinese consumers where they spend most of their time. To remain accessible to these retail businesses, the cost is as low as $249 US per month and the setup takes just a couple of days.

Chinese consumers spend a total of 900 million hours every day in WeChat, accounting for nearly 30% of mobile usage, according to Internet trends guru Mary Meeker. A WeChat presence and proactive WeChat strategy have proven to give companies a competitive advantage in brand awareness, and reduce the costs of acquiring customers with social commerce.

Based on the huge customer base and high retention, WeChat’s new innovation – mini program, a light version app that can be opened upon WeChat – has boomed into a single key marketing and sales channel. In less than two years, mini program has earned over 230 million monthly active users. Many large multinational retailers and brands are using mini programs to engage their Chinese customers, including Sephora, Uniqlo, Dior, Michael Kors, IKEA, Carrefour, etc. British retailer Feelunique grew 4,500 new users by holding a group-buy lucky draw campaign on its mini program store.


To ride the wave of WeChat and its popular mini program, Azoya launched a new SaaS solution to help companies save time and effort with a flexible social commerce platform for all budgets. The bilingual, Shopify-like platform offers an English backend for foreign business owners to manage merchandise and marketing, and deliver a concise WeChat store for Chinese customers with mini program, with cross-border transactions enabled. This means you don’t need a China legal entity, nor do you need to entrust any local partners to earn revenue. This innovation helps foreign companies efficiently adapt to Chinese consumers’ expectations of an active corporate WeChat presence where companies can engage shoppers and build loyalty.


“WeChat is developing more sophisticated e-commerce functions, enabling brands and retailers to reach a broader customer base and provide a local user experience, speeding up the online customer experience when shoppers seek foreign goods.” says Ivy Shen, VP of Azoya International Business. “To make the most out of the WeChat commerce and serve companies of all sizes, we are also building a partner network to unite marketing and operations,” she adds.

U.S. and foreign retail companies are paying close attention to trendsetter China because it is the global leader in both e-commerce and mobile pay. Increasingly affluent, tech-savvy Chinese consumers turn to cross-border online shopping to buy foreign products. The most in-demand product categories among China’s cross-border e-commerce shoppers include: cosmetics and personal care, health and nutrition, mom and baby products, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan and Azoya Consulting. Foreign companies that sell these types of products make suitable candidates for their own cross-border WeChat shop in China.

About Azoya
Azoya is a leading China e-commerce enabler, which endeavors to help overseas brands and retailers break into China via cross-border e-commerce. The company prides itself as being the e-commerce leader that has signed exclusive agreements with the largest number of overseas retailers in China. With its all-encompassing services and dedicated specialist team, the company has won trust from more than 35 overseas retailers in 12 countries. Their current partners include Swanson Health, Feelunique, Woolworths Supermarket, Amcal, and Matsuya Ginza. Learn more: 


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