Belluna Starts Selling to China via Standalone Chinese Website

This cross-border e-commerce site, with products from the Belluna group’s three companies, is carrying about 3500 items popular among Chinese consumers, including baby products, supplement and cosmetics.

by Azoya

Azoya International (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Main Office: Hong Kong, hereinafter called Azoya) who provides e-commerce solutions has started to provide cross-border solutions geared towards mainland China for the following three subsidiary companies of Belluna (Main Office: Saitama, hereinafter called Belluna); Ozio Co., Ltd. (Main Office: Saitama), Refre Co., Ltd. (Main Office: Saitama) and Best Thanks Co., Ltd. (Main Office: Osaka), and establishing a website handling products from the websites of “Ozio (Cosmetics)”, “Refre (Health Food)” and “Best Thanks (Baby & Mom products)” respectively on May 25th.

This cross-border e-commerce site, with products from the Belluna group’s( three companies, is carrying about 3500 items popular among Chinese consumers, including baby products, supplement and cosmetics and it’s going to have 4200 items by the end of May. By using Azoya’s solutions, Belluna group gained the opportunity to provide their products to Chinese EC users, whose total numbers soared to 4.1 million people in 2016 and it is estimated to have 5.8 million users in 2017 who use AliPay and WeChat Pay for shopping..

Since its establishment in 2013, Azoya has been providing solutions for cross-border e-commerce for more than 36 overseas retailers (including Belluna group) in 11 countries. Its all-encompassing services to support overseas retailers include not only the construction of Chinese websites and payment solutions, but also logistics and fulfillment, local customer services, marketing, planning for campaigns, etc. Azoya is planning to support Belluna group as it expands its business in China by providing cross-border e-commerce solutions.

By accumulating marketing data, assisting the Chinese business-to-be on its growth path

Recently, rising demand for Japanese products in China has contributed to the trend of growing cross-border e-commerce business, and the cross-border e-commerce market size in China is expected to go over 2 trillion Japanese yen in 2019[i].However, successful cross-border e-commerce requires not only the construction of an e-commerce website, but also a variety of services including marketing, ordering systems, payment solutions, logistics and customer care services after product delivery.Therefore, Azoya provides all the necessary services on behalf of the client companies so that it will reduce their burden of and make it easy for them to start cross-border e-commerce.Azoya has the experience of supporting overseas companies in 11 countries worldwide to start cross-border e-commerce and has the knowledge of the behavior of Chinese consumers’ in China. By introducing marketing based on the data, Azoya makes it possible to precisely support client companies’ entry into the Chinese market.

Mr. Masayoshi Miyashita, (The Chief of Corporate Planning Division) at Belluna Co. Ltd., is quoted, saying:

“Azoya has experience trading with overseas retailers, and their strong passion towards working with us was clearly conveyed to us because they have invested in this project from the initial period willingly, therefore we have decided to make the partnership with Azoya. Azoya’s solutions will cover all aspects from constructing the website, taking orders, logistics and payment solutions as one-stop solutions, as well as acquiring marketing data in China. By our continuing project with Azoya, we would like to challenge the business geared towards Chinese consumers in Chinese market, which still keeps growing with high growth rate.”

Mr. Don Zhao, the co-founder of Azoya, is quoted, saying:

“While the Chinese market is expanding and growing, and the shopping behaviors and shopping styles of Chinese consumers and Chinese tourists are changing, Azoya will support the expansion of Belluna groups’ Chinese business by attracting young Chinese tourists and new customers online.”

Characteristics of Azoya’s solutions for cross-border e-commerce

  • One stop solutions for cross-border e-commerce

Azoya takes care of everything from logistics and marketing, to customer service. This reduces the risk for Japanese companies expanding into the Chinese market. As for logistics, Azoya will be responsible for logistics after the products reach the designated warehouse in Japan. Moreover, a dedicated team in China will be formed for each client company. These dedicated teams understand the brands’ images, the products’ characteristics and Chinese consumers’ preferences. They provide day-to-day operations and marketing from Day 1 and deal with inquiries from Chinese consumers.

  • Direct exposure of the retailers’ brand image

By constructing the Japanese companies’ official website for cross-border e-commerce toward China, which reflects the images and design of the original Japanese website even though the contents are in Chinese, it helps Chinese customers recognize the authenticity of the website and their products. The website also lists both the retail prices in the physical stores in Japan in Japanese yen and in RMB based on the exchange rate of the day. Since the website is also used not only to provide information about products, but also provide other kinds of information to customers, it enables companies to enhance customer loyalty.

About Belluna group

Belluna is a leading mail order company, established in 1968 (a listed company in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange). As its core businesses, it has developed as a general mail order, specialized mail order and brick-and-mortar retailer, and based on its abundant management resources, such as a roughly 17 million-customer database, infrastructure and knowhow, it has developed other divisions in the fields of business solutions and finance. Since its establishment, Belluna has been pursuing marketing geared towards seniors, differentiating itself from its competitors by its flyers in nationwide newspapers. It is expanding its sales channels of catalogs, TV, computers, smart phones and brick-and-mortar stores. Sales in the fiscal year ending in March 2016 were 131.7 billion yen.

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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)-Japan, “2015 Ecommerce Market Report”, June 2016 says that expected cross-border Ecommerce market in 2019 will be \2,335.9 (Billions of yen)


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