Bodyguard Apotheke Launched their Chinese Online Store to Occupy the German E-Business Market in China

by Azoya

Bodyguard Apotheke is formed business in 2007. It has more than 70 thousands of product available online includes medicine, vitamin and supplements, baby feeding products, make up and so on. Bodyguard Apotheke is the name of the online business of German Einhorn Apotheke physical store. Einhorn Apotheke is one of largest medicine stores in Germany and it has more than 100 years history running by Kraus family.

 Kraus family now has running its business by their family fourth generation- the youngest son Sebastian Kraus who is CEO and international business development director.

 The Chinese official online store of Bodyguard Apotheke ( is offering Chinese market pleasant easy step online shopping experiences: Chinese version online experiences, Chinese card paying system - Union Pay and Alipay, German standard international postal service - DHL.