Brands from Feelunique and Danone Waters update for the Chinese market

Feelunique's approaches include diversifying its digital marketing channels in China, responding to consumer demand for interactive and real-time content.

by Azoya


November, 2017; Internet Retailing

Brands Feelunique and Danone Waters this week both explained how they were preparing to do more business in China and the wider Asia-Pacific.

Cosmetics brand Feelunique [IRDX RFUQ], a Top250 retailer in IRUK Top500 research, is to add products from niche, local brands that are designed for the Chinese complexion.

The retailer started working with ecommerce solutions company Azoya [IRDX VAZO] in 2015 to launch a Chinese-language website in response to demand for western beauty products. Since then China has become its largest international market, accounting for 10% of group sales. Its approaches include diversifying its digital marketing channels in China, responding to consumer demand for interactive and real-time content. 

“Having established a very strong online presence in China, we are now focused on further augmenting our customer experience to position ourselves as a go-to local retailer,” said Joel Palix, CEO of Feelunique. “By working with Azoya and leveraging their extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and lifestyle, we are able to truly understand our customers’ requirements and develop a range of locally-sourced beauty products that embrace the latest trends. We recently opened an office in Hong Kong and are planning to open a distribution centre here to support the strong growth we continue to experience in China, with the potential to further expand our cross-border operation in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Meanwhile, Danone Waters China, a subsidiary of the Danone Group, whose brands include Evian and Danone, is working with the logistics arm of China’s largest retailer,, to distribute its products throughout south west China. They are working together to build a shared warehouse in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, where’s logistics technology will store and manage inventory for the region, both for inventory for and but also for offline grocery shops that DWC supplies.

“China is a market with both huge opportunities and major challenges when it comes to managing distribution across our many sales channels,” said Hanbin Lyu, VP of Danone Waters China. “With its impressive in-house logistics network and advanced supply chain management technology, not to mention its trusted position as a platform for high-quality, authentic branded goods in China, is an ideal partner to help us maximise efficiency.”

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