Chinese Retail Players are Doing These Things to Stay Alive through the Coronavirus Crisis

by Fashion Capital

This article was originally published on Fashion Capital.

Fashion apparel retailers rely heavily on offline retail for sales – more so than any other category given that apparel consists of non-standardized SKUs, with many different fits, colours, fabrics, etc. People want to try on outfits in person before they want to make a purchase.

But due to the coronavirus crisis, the near-shutdown of offline retail in China has forced them to turn to innovative measures to keep their businesses alive. While China retail has focused on e-commerce for a while now, this is the first time when businesses have been forced to divert all of their resources towards online selling.

We take a look at what fashion retailers are doing and what players in the West can do to learn from them.

Livestreaming E-Commerce Keeps Customers Entertained and Engaged

Livestreaming refers to live video sessions in which hosts and influencers present and discuss products in front of online audiences. The sessions are often accompanied with raffles and games to keep the audience entertained, and viewers can engage in live, public chat with the hosts to ask questions about products. They can then pay with Alipay, Alibaba’s mobile payments ecosystem with a few taps of the finger. Read More at Fashion Capital...