Feelunique celebrates its second anniversary and reveals further ambitions in China

Feelunique engages Chinese consumers with dynamic and localized marketing and corporate strategies

by Azoya Express

The British online beauty retailer Feelunique celebrated the second anniversary of its Chinese operations last month (October, 2017) with a series of high-profile marketing campaigns and sales promotions.


Among the highlights was a visit to the UK by two key Chinese online influencers, who had the chance to see Feelunique’s office and warehouse and spend the afternoon at Feelunique’s pop-up store in London. The influencers used the opportunity to promote Feelunique to their Chinese fans via social media and live streaming, giving them a valuable insight into the UK retailer. As a result, Feelunique saw an impressive uplift of 360% in sales revenue during the campaign period, an average order value of £90 per customer and tens of thousands of new customers.

Feelunique partnered with ecommerce solutions company Azoya to launch a Chinese-language website in 2015. Azoya also provides Feelunique with logistics solutions and operational services to ensure the retailer meets local customer demands.

“The market in China is complex and fast changing,” said Joel Palix, CEO of Feelunique. “By working with Azoya, with its extensive knowledge of local trends and preferences, we are able to truly understand our Chinese customers and develop a bespoke range of beauty and cosmetic products that embrace the latest trends.”


With the adaptation of dynamic and localised digital marketing strategies, Feelunique has been successful in responding to Chinese customers’ appetite for western beauty brands. China now accounts for 10 percent of group sales and is Feelunique’s second largest market.

The ultimate vision for Feelunique is to be a complete local retailer in China.

“Instead of just selling popular products from UK or Europe, we aim to be a localised retailer in China providing customers with the most suitable products for individuals – rather than popular products that claimed to fit for everyone.” said Mr. Palix, “This means we are focusing on enhancing our range with more niche brands and products. Now that we have an office and are planning to open a distribution centre in Hong Kong, we may want to source brands from China, and maybe even Korea or Japan.”

“Feelunique’s localised website provides Chinese shoppers with a convenient online gateway to both luxury international beauty products and niche local brands,” said Don Zhao, co-founder of Azoya. “By offering such an extensive product range and embracing localised trends, Feelunique is giving itself a major point of difference to other online cosmetics retailers which will sit well with new and existing customers.”

In the recent 2017 Chinese Singles Day online shopping carnival, Feelunique secured an increase of 195% in orders and an uplift in conversions of 223% by offering coupons and interactive social discounts. The retailer expects a higher surge in the upcoming Black Friday campaign. 

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