How cosmetics brands can prepare for Singles Day in China


With November on the horizon, Singles Day is fast-approaching. But what can global brands do to prepare for the annual surge in e-commerce sales?

Holiday promotions play an outsized role in China’s e-commerce industry.           

For one, the sheer number of orders and items transacted during these e-commerce holidays is incredible, especially when compared with Amazon’s Prime Day and Black Friday.

On Alibaba’s platforms, Singles Day, or Guanggun Jie, alone generated nearly US$31bn in GMV in 2018, whereas Black Friday in the US generated just $6.22bn in sales.

And in many cases, sales during Singles Day and other holidays can account for well over half of a brand’s annual sales.

However, many brands and retailers have trouble preparing for these holidays. They are not used to . . .                                                               

              Elena Gatti                                                                              

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