Inside China Tech: Exploring China’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape

We dive into the world of influencer marketing and Pinduoduo’s business model with Shenzhen-based Azoya Group, a cross-border e-commerce consultancy

by South China Morning Post

This article originally appeared on South China Morning Post

This week, technology reporter Zen Soo sits down with Ker Zheng of Azoya Group to talk about China’s evolving e-commerce landscape, from cross-border e-commerce to Pinduoduo’s group-buying model.

We dive into the world of key opinion leaders and influencers in China to explore how they help shape the demand of aspirational consumers, and the common practice of daigou (a kind of personal shopper) selling products and advertising their services through WeChat Moments.

How do Chinese online shoppers differ from users in the West, and are consumers from China’s smaller cities spending more than those in its biggest metropolises? How will China’s e-commerce law affect the daigou business? Tune in to find out.

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