Italian online retailer Beautyprive localized for Chinese premium beauty shoppers

In short a few month's time, the company decided a partnership with Azoya, and build its first step of China expansion strategy on Azoya's turnkey e-commerce solutions.

by Azoya Express

February 12, 2018 -  Italian premium online beauty retailer Beautyprive officially launched a Chinese language website today to appeal to the massive beauty shoppers in China. Facing the increasingly competitive Chinese beauty market, Beautyprive decided to partner with Azoya to leverage its turnkey e-commerce solutions to build a localized cross-border e-commerce business.

China is a lucrative market for Italian businesses. From Milan to Venice, Chinese tourists can be seen everywhere. As a global hub of fashion and beauty products, Italian retail is famous for the premium quality and the prestigious brands to offer to the customers. With the emerging of cross-border e-commerce, Italian retailers now have the chance to explore opportunities in the massive China market. Last year's ‘Single's Day’ – the biggest online shopping carnival in China, had recorded over 40 billion USD sales generated by online retailers. Beauty products online retail achieved over 40 billion USD, resulting an 13.1% YoY growth1. With continued consumption upgrade, the Chinese consumers now have high demands of prestigious beauty brands from overseas, and this is how Beautyprive set China as the first stop of their international expansion.

However, China is also a complex market. The ever-changing Chinese digital space and consumers demands are great challenges for international retailers. Chinese customers have very different demands, online shopping behavior, and culture, which are the main barriers for Italian businesses. Knowing where and how to target Chinese customers are valuable to building a successful Chinese e-commerce business.

Beautyprive got in touch with Azoya is mid-2017. In short a few month's time, the company decided a partnership with Azoya, and build its first step of China expansion strategy on Azoya's turnkey e-commerce solutions. With a few years of operation in Europe, Beautyprive has built a reputation of professional e-commerce portals for cosmetics, personal care, and perfumery. The site prides itself on having over 9.0 of ranking on Trustpilot, which implies the favor from European users. But for China, Beautyprive need to start from scratch to build its existence. 


Beautyprive's Chinese online store powered by Azoya's CECS Solutions

Azoya offers a one-stop solution for Beautyprive to take care of all local businesses including to set up Beautyprive’s local e-commerce website, digital payment, international logistics, as well as to establish day-to-day operation, digital marketing, and customers service. The Chinese website of Beautyprive ( a clean design of the original website, and combines the Chinese localized design to meet Chinese consumers’ online shopping behavior. The site offers direct shipping from Italy to ensure 100 percent authenticity. 

Currently, Beautyprive CN website has over 8,000+ SKUs focusing on categories of cosmetics, skincare, and perfumes. The products take full account of the needs of Chinese consumers and are tailored to suit the Chinese consumer experience. In the next few months, Beautyprive plans to enrich its inventories to 30,000+ SKUs to becoming a one-stop beauty shop.

About Beautyprive 

Beautyprive is a top online beauty retailer from Italy dedicated to the world of beauty. Starting from 2012, Beautyprive has grown to be one of Italy's leading online beauty retailers within five years, and achieved the ‘Europe’s fastest growing top 50 e-commerce businesses award’, with acknowledging from Netcomm*. Beautyprive launches the official Chinese website in 2018 partnering with Azoya.


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