Livestream and Social Selling: How China’s Retailers Adapted to Coronavirus

by Charged Retail

This article was originally published on ChargedRetail. 

It has actually now been 2 months since the coronavirus initially appeared in China. After a nationwide lockdown, the situation is returning to normal. Restaurants, bars, and also retailers are opening up throughout China as well as people are going back to work. The vast majority of fitness centres, theatre as well as various other home entertainment places nevertheless stay shut.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the near-shutdown of offline retail in China has forced companies to turn to innovative methods to keep their businesses afloat. Although China retail has had a strong focus on e-commerce for quite some time now, this was the first time for many businesses to shift all of their resources towards online selling.

Let’s look at how China’s digital community enabled retailers and brands to endure throughout this difficult time and also what Western players can do to learn up from them.

Livestreaming E-Commerce Keeps Consumers Entertained

Livestreaming has actually already experienced a big boom in 2019. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that numerous merchants have counted on live streaming to keep their businesses alive. Such live streaming sessions usually occur on Taobao, China’s eBay-like C2C industry platform, with more than 600 million individuals. Sellers can either host the session under their own store channel or collaborate with a well-known influencer to do it on their Taobao channel, enabling them to target the influencer’s existing fan base. Read More at Charged Retail.