The Luxury Industry Is Turning to Pop-up Stores to Win Over Chinese Millennials

by WWD

This post originally released by WWD.

While Western consumers remain reluctant to shop in stores this year, pop-up experiences are thriving in the biggest retail market in the world.

Global luxury brands such as Gucci, BurberryFendi and Bottega Veneta are all using pop-up stores to launch new concepts and show off their omnichannel capabilities in the China market.

We take a look at some examples and observe why such pop-up stores are crucial to reach increasingly affluent Chinese Millennials — and why U.S. and foreign luxury brands need a China strategy to fuel growth during this decade.

Fendi x Mr. Doodle for Chinese Valentines Day

For Chinese Valentine’s Day this year (aka Qixi Festival, held on Aug. 25), Fendi launched pop-up stores in Beijing and Chengdu to celebrate its newest capsule collection, in partnership with Mr. Doodle. Also known as Sam Cox, Mr. Doodle is a British artist who is well-known for his doodles drawn with thick black markers.

Along with these pop-up stores, Fendi also set up mini-cafés with tables and plates adorned with his graffiti.

Fendi cafe

Fendi’s new mini-cafés entice luxury consumers to linger longer.  Courtesy of Fendi

Lastly, customers could also purchase items from the capsule collection through Fendi’s official WeChat mini-program store. China’s pervasive social media platform, WeChat, has become increasingly popular in recent years as a channel to launch limited-edition item collections, predominantly because of its wide reach and designation as a go-to platform for popular influencers in China.

Dior’s Dioramour Stores + WeChat Social Sharing Program

For the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival), Dior also launched pop-up stores in Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen to celebrate its new love-themed Dioramour capsule collection. Angelababy, a highly sought-after actress and Dior’s main brand spokesperson in China, attended the opening ceremony in early August. Other celebrities who attended were brand ambassadors Liying Zhao and Jing Tian, both of whom are actresses.  Read More on WWD.