Transforming The Retail - Join Azoya to eTail West

Azoya came back to the US again! From 22 Feb. to 25 Feb. Azoya participate the eTail West event held in ​Palm Springs.

by Azoya

Azoya came back to the US again! 

From 22 Feb. to 25 Feb. Azoya participate the eTail West event held in Palm Springs.

The event was to hold eCommerce elites to discuss topics covering all possible pain points that eCommerce players face. The topics cover every area impacting eCommerce business – personalization, content marketing, mobile engagement, social marketing, data, omni-channel and a lot more. Azoya gained a lot from the event in Palm Springs – the excitement of meeting new friends, the exhilaration around discovering a new way to boost your bottom line, the joy of a finding the right partner for your business.

During the event, Azoya found several speeches inspiring. Bobby Lyons from Director Online has made a presentation focusing on the importance of site performance and page position. That's one of many fields that Azoya keeps improving to fit the Chinese market. In China, the SEO rules and visitors' preferences are quite different.Overseas retailers will inevitably find it extremely difficult to adapt the local eCommerce environment. What Azoya do is to localize the SEO work and work closely with the local online marketing experts. We also emphasize on mobile adaptation to meet the rising trend of Chinese consumers' preference for mobile commerce.

Azoya is confident in delivering the most competitive eCommerce solutions and services to overseas retailers and e-tailers to help them break into the China market. Chinese consumers are more and more into American products, which cover from cosmetics, fashion to luxury, etc. There's a great potential lying in the market, waiting to be tapped into. Azoya is in a position to help overseas retailers to realize this tremendous market potential.

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