“Walk into Germany” – Chinese influencer and online shopper visit local German retailer building a virtual bridge to China

Azoya bridging the gap of trust and culture between local e-commerce retailers and Chinese online shoppers with 'Walk into Germany' campaign.

by Azoya

  • Chinese influencer Kitty Wenny and an online shopper visit local retail pharmacy – Bodyguard Apotheke – in Pforzheim

  • Exchanging with their community in China via Livestreams and social media interactions

  • Promotion campaigns with sales via Livestream directly from Germany

Munich, 12 September 2017 – Chinese influencer Kitty Wenny and Laura Guo, an experienced online shopper selected from a popular Chinese cross-border shopping community, are visiting Bodyguard Apotheke – a German local retail pharmacy from September 12th to 15th 2017 during the “Walk into Germany”-campaign. Kitty Wenny is a popular online influencer with almost ten years’ cultivation in Chinese Health and Beauty, her target followers are Chinese young generations who care about wellness, beauty and fashion; as well as moms in their 30s, who meet the potential audience of the German pharmacy retailer. As selective representatives, the two Chinese “e-commerce ambassadors” will get the chance to visit the store, warehouse and office of Bodyguard Apotheke, which, by offering them face-to-face experience, will help them - and thus help the many Chinese cross-border online shoppers behind them - to understand the authenticity and reliability of health and cosmetic products from Germany. 

“On the one hand, the Chinese market, as one of the biggest markets in the world, is evolving rapidly with its fast growing e-commerce landscape; on the other hand, deterred by quality and price issues with domestic products, particularly for healthcare and cosmetic, Chinese consumers are increasingly looking to overseas markets to buy directly through cross-border e-commerce, thereby offering German brands and retailers a huge opportunity.” says Elena Gatti, Managing Director of Azoya in Germany.

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Bridging the German Merchants with Chinese KOL

Azoya is organizing the “Walk into”-campaign series which has already taken place in Australia and New Zealand and is currently taking place in Germany. The next stop of the tour will be the UK in October. With this campaign Azoya wants to virtually build the bridge between German retailers and Chinese consumers through a popular Chinese KOL (Key Opinion Leader). During the three-day tour, Kitty Wenny will conduct livestream sessions throughout their visits to the office, warehouse and store, bringing out her authentic experience of production, supply, marketing, order fulfillment and customer service to her fans, and she will also interact with her followers with Q&A and coupons. Through Kitty Wenny’s livestream and social media, she will secure exposure of more than 100 million of her fans. During the livestream, purchase links will be pushed to users to place orders immediately and coupons will be sent out on site.

Apart from Kitty Wenny’s livestream and social media exposure, Laura Guo will also share her reviews on this tour through the cross-border shopping community.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer one of our healthcare retail customers in Germany such an amazing opportunity to strengthen their brand with Chinese consumers,” said Ms Gatti. “At the same time, the campaign will help Chinese consumers get more authentic and in-depth understand about the quality of high-level healthcare products and level up their shopping consciousness. Azoya is dedicated to bridging between overseas retailers and Chinese consumers and with the “Walk into”-campaign we give this bridge a whole new layer.” 

About Azoya

Azoya International is a leading provider of cross-border e-commerce to China. Since 2013, the company has been offering e-commerce relevant solutions to international online retailers and brands who want to build their business in China.

The Azoya International portfolio includes consulting as well as implementation of expansion plans through appropriate solutions. All necessary steps, such as technical equipment, language services, local customer service, international logistics and foreign-currency payment processing as well as the daily operation of the shop come from a single source. Azoya now supports over 35 online retailers from 11 countries, Bodyguard Apotheke is one of Azoya’s partners.

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