Witness The Future Of E-Commerce - Azoya At Internet World

Azoya team has just come back from the Internet World 2016 that was held in Munich, Germany. Fruitful connections had been made and brand awareness established.

by Azoya

Azoya team has just come back from the Internet World 2016 that was held in Munich, Germany. We had an exciting moment in the fair and exchanged our most innovative eCommerce insights and solutions with eCommerce players from across Europe. Fruitful connections had been made and Azoya's brand awareness established.

Before the event, Azoya had attended several important industry meetings and participated the discussions. We shared our experience on CRM during a discussion led by Salesforce. When conducting eCommerce in China, customer relationship management is of paramount importance to sustain a robust business. Azoya has a sound IT infrastructure and skilled IT experts to accumulate users' data and get users' persona for accurate marketing. Azoya observes customers' behavior when they weave through the online shopping process. Azoya collects their footprints and finds out the behavior pattern. Doing CRM in China is quite different in China, that's where Azoya can contribute to the eCommerce community.

The Internet World 2016 had attracted 365 exhibitors and sponsors and 15.900 visitors. In the event, Azoya had visitors from across the Europe. All our visitors showed great interest in the China market and what Azoya can do to help them sell to China in a smooth way. Some of them are just startups that already set their eyes on the China market. They are confident about their products and see great potential in Chinese consumers. Some of them are local service vendors but are keen on expanding their service scope and help their clients sell to China through Azoya's solutions. We are open-minded and see there're a lot of possibilities of cooperation, whether with retailers or with pure service vendors. There are also some retailers who are interested in our individual service blocks and only need these specific services. For example, some non-retail businesses only need Azoya's marketing service. We are more than happy to customize our services and offer different service packages to meet our clients' needs. Azoya is very open-minded and flexible about the way it cooperates with overseas eCommerce players who target the China market.

We also met some physical store owners who have many Chinese outbound customers but struggle to serve them better. Azoya's cross-border O2O solution is perfect for their needs. This solution will help overseas stores eliminate all the barriers that prevent Chinese outbound customers from buying more and make it possible for them to continue buying even after they go home.

Udo Günzel, Azoya's Advisory Board, delivered a speech titled Potenziale und Herausforderungen im grenzüberschreitenden e-commerce nach China. (Potentials and challenges in cross-border e-commerce to China) The speech attracted great attention from the audience. It's a rare opportunity that German eCommerce elites get first hand information about China's eCommerce through vivid elaboration. Udo offered expansive information about the Chinese internet users' behavior and how these behavior patterns affect the way they are shopping online. Along with the tremendous opportunity, there surely are some challenges standing in the way of accessing China's online market. Udo explained to the audience how Azoya faces these challenges with innovation and perseverance.

Udo delivered a presentation at Internet World 2016

It was a great experience to meet the German E-Commerce community and share Azoya's expertise with all the visitors. In the event, Azoya team witnessed a lot of innovation in the European eCommerce. New concepts come into fruition, new solutions are invented to solve perennial problems that keep ailing customers and companies. Azoya can be a part of the revolution of eCommerce and build a solid bridge between overseas businesses and the China market.