Woolworths Launches Official Chinese Website

Woolworths' official Chinese-language brand website will seek to educate Chinese consumers about the company's brand, history, and products

by Azoya

Shenzhen, China, August 15th, 2018 - Today Woolworths launched its official Chinese-language website as part of its efforts to cater to its growing following of Chinese customers. The Woolworths brand website will seek to educate Chinese consumers about the Woolworths brand, its products, and the company's history. 

Woolworths sells a variety of different products through Tmall's cross-border platform, including non-perishable groceries, milk powder, health supplements, wine, and mom & baby products. After experiencing positive feedback from Chinese audiences, Woolworths will expand its exposure in the market through its newly established brand website, which will be operated by Chinese e-tailing group Azoya. 

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Woolworth's Chinese language website seeks to educate Chinese consumers about its premium product offerings

"Woolworths is a well-known international brand that has a tremendous amount of potential in the China retail & e-commerce markets," noted Azoya co-founder Don Zhao. "Only in the past few years have Chinese consumers really begun to ramp up their spending on Australian goods. More specifically, cross-border e-commerce has become increasingly popular as Chinese consumers prefer to buy their products direct from retailers overseas, in order to ensure product authenticity."

Going forward, Azoya will work together with Woolworths to build brand awareness in the Chinese market by providing relevant content that educates Chinese consumers about Woolworth and its product offerings. In recent years, there has been an unprecedented growth in demand for international products, and Australian brands are respected in the China market for their premium quality. 

About Azoya

Azoya has several years of experence in helping international retailers and brands set up and operate e-commerce stores in China. As a borderless e-tailing group that has helped over 30 different retailers and brands enter and operate in the China market, Azoya's seasoned e-commerce teams can provide a wide range of different solutions that include IT, marketing, logistics, payments, customer service, and more. 

About Woolworths

Woolworths is Australia's largest supermarket chain, having been established in Sydney in 1924. Since then its iconic brand has been ever-present in the lives of everyday Australians. Today Woolworths operates over 3,000 stores worldwide and employs over 205,000 team members. It serves over 29 million customers on a weekly basis.