[WWD] Azoya Details Updates for Cross-Border Commerce

The new features will aim to facilitate an increase in cross-border commerce and draw more retailers to China and the Asia-Pacific.

by WWD

September, 2017; WWD

E-commerce solutions-provider, Azoya has announced additions to its platform in order to increase cross-border e-commerce and draw international retailers to China and the Asia-Pacific.

“We created one of China’s first cross-border e-commerce marketplaces (Haituncun.com) in 2013. But soon we saw the limitations of the marketplace, which prompted us to help retailers establish their own official retail platform to enhance retail brand influence and consumer trust,” said Azoya chief executive officer, Don Zhao.

As part of the expansion, Azoya will include integrated business intelligence in its business model. It will feature loyalty-building program, AzoyaClub that will build a cross-border, social media community to up shopper engagement, cross selling and lifetime value per customer, according to a company spokesman. Asian market growth opportunities within its International Network Model will underscore recent successes such as its partnership with a German online pharmacy’s foray in to the South Korean market.

“Now we are evolving to cater to APAC market demands and will develop more sales channels. We believe this will be the future of cross-border e-commerce: evolving from a point-to-point, one-directional online trading approach to a point-to-multipoint, two-directional business approach to meet global consumer demand.”

To answer to the consumer demands, Azoya will also deploy Hong Kong and China near-shore warehouses to provide heightened efficiency and faster delivery. Its business intelligence system has also undergone updates in order to improve shopper profiling and devise rich behavior analysis. This will in turn aim to boost sales and strengthen brand loyalty.

Due to the flattening of the retail landscape, retailers are empowered to break into formerly untapped markets to mine additional revenue channels. This requires the appropriate technology to ensure seamless shipments among other regulatory necessities. Regardless of the location of a retailer, global consumers expect frictionless shopping experiences that are easy to navigate and provide seamless social sharing functionality.

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