Feelunique is Europ's largest online premium beauty retailer, selling over 500 brands on its platform. After years of continual success in Europe, Feelunique partnered with Azoya, which utilized the Azoya Master Solution to help Feelunique set up and operate a complete, multi-channel e-commerce presence in China.

In 2015, Azoya launched Feelunique’s official China e-commerce site. The site was localized for the Chinese user experience, and Azoya handled day-to-day operations, running marketing campaigns and selecting merchandise.

To reassure Chinese customers that they are buying directly from an authentic British retailer, Feelunique’s official global site offers users the option to go directly to its Chinese site. Consumers pay the same prices as they would in London - a competitive offer that has made Feelunique a popular portal to buy high-quality, imported cosmetics in China. 

Azoya later launched Feelunique stores on cross-border e-commerce platforms Netease Kaola and JD Worldwide, and set up an official store on a WeChat mini-program. The purpose of expanding to multiple channels was to attract customers from different user groups. Going forward, Feelunique will also set up shop on Secoo, one of China's main luxury e-commerce platforms. 

In a little under 4 years, Feelunique's China revenues have grown rapidly. The company now obtains 20% of its sales from Chinese customers, 

Now, Feelunique is taking its business to the next level by setting up an Asia operations office in Hong Kong, where they have logistics space and can procure merchandise from regional suppliers.

Feelunique Official China Website

Feelunique WeChat Mini-Program

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