Azoya Commerce Cloud

Explore the easiest way to sell to China

Is Flagship Store your only channel to sell in China? Well, you are losing a lot of opportunity to expand in China via multi-channel access. Azoya is now officially releasing Azoya Commerce Cloud Solution, to facilitate brands with the vision and ambition, to develop initial sales in China at a manageable cost on returns!

What's Azoya Commerce Cloud?

Azoya Commerce Cloud is a solution launched by Azoya, a leading solution provider and e-commerce full-service agency, to help brands develop cross-border sales in China. The solution features multi-channel access, pay-as-You-Go marketing packages, and no fixed fee to tap into the vast e-commerce ecosystem in China. With years of partnership with leading platforms in China, including Tmall, JD, Douyin, WeChat and Little Red Book, Azoya has established a robust community of cross-border shoppers who are looking for niche and inspirational products across the world.


  • Low cost to set up
  • Multi-channel Access
  • Pay-As-You-Go Marketing Package
  • Manageable returns

Trust Your Brand with Safe Hands

We do more than simply list on the platforms; we also generate brand awareness via marketing campaigns targeting your potential audience in China. We work closely with creators across China markets to grow your brand awareness, create authentic user case studies, and provide deep insight into customer behavior. We take care of the brands and follow your brand's guidelines for China.

Azoya case studies

Highlights: Azoya partnered with Amala team to reinforce brand identity and positioning that aims to make its high-quality, natural ingredients, cutting edge, clinically proven formulas, and bio-fermented actives appealing to Chinese beauty-savvy customers. We highlighted Amala's vision for luxury and clean branding as an innovative, coherent, and compelling one.

Highlights: Azoya helps HASK to develop differentiated selling points, educate consumers on the recognition of unique and natural ingredients, manage multi-channel exposure, and boost sales growth.

Want to learn more about the Azoya case study? Go through our How Emerging Brands Succeed In China 

Quick to set up, Quick to start selling

It takes around 1-2 week to set up your brand and start selling in multi-channel in China. Azoya takes care the mundane works at registering your products at China customs, manage duty & shipping, China cross-border payments, and international logistics.

Start Selling via Easy API Integration

Azoya connects with Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, and a bunch of other cool platforms so that you can simply install it from the App Market. We sync your products, price, inventory and orders via API and take care the rest on behalf of you.

*API Solution is currently available only to U.S. merchants and restriction apply for European brands.

Easy Customer Service

We help you manage the daily work of customer service and help you achieve more happy customers.

Looking for More?

Apart from AzoyaCommerceCloud, we also provide an integrated service for brand incubation in China, set up official flagship stores across leading channels in China, and manage your day-to-day marketing campaigns. Check out the resources or contact us for more detail.