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October 2018

Chinese Tourists Shopped Less During Golden Week, But Retailers Should Be Optimistic

Part Two - How to Survive in China's Cross-Border E-Commerce Industry

September 2018

How to Survive in China's Cross-Border E-Commerce Industry

Five Years of Empowering Global Retailers in China

What's Going On With Little Red Book?

August 2018

What Does Topshop's Breakup with Shangpin Tell Us About Fashion Retail in China?

How to Capitalize on China's Booming Mom & Baby Sector

Athleisure is crushing it in China - here's what you need to know

July 2018

How Mogujie is Using Livesstreaming and WeChat Mini-Programs to Fend Off Alibaba

Western Health Products Companies Attempt to Crack the China Market

What Does Secco's Partnership with Mean for the Luxury Industry?

June 2018

How is Priming Itself for Global Expansion

Cross-border E-commerce Going Offline

Preparing for's 618 Festival

May 2018

Understanding the Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Consumer

International Retailers Disappointed with Online Retail Sales in China

Cosmetics Category Rules Global E-Commerce

April 2018

What did we learn from L'Oreal 2017 Annual Report

Tencent's ambition in coverging social and e-commerce via WeShop and Mini-app

March 2018

Case study of

China E-commerce Strategy 2018: What works for international retailers

February 2018

Italian online retailer Beautyprive localized for Chinese premiuim beauty shoppers

Cashless China: What has changed for retailers

January 2018

Spring Festival Promotion: Opportunity or Challenges? | Azoya International

2018 China E-commerce Outlook for International Retailers | Azoya International

China's 'Consumption Downgrade': True or False; Tmall Global Sales Distribution

December 2017

2018 China Cross-border e-commerce policy outlook

November 2017

2017 Single’s Day: Online shopping frenzy poses new challenges to global retailers; Customers Come First 2018 | Azoya Express

Retail Tech Innovation in China: New Retail, Smart Supply Chain, AI | Azoya Express

October 2017

Azoya Deepens Partnership with China Resources Networks; Localize, Digitalize and Innovate to Stay Competitive in China | Azoya Express

Borderless is the new fashion; Outbound tourism during China's National holiday; Survival of shopping mall in China | Azoya Express

September 2017

4 tips on marketing to Chinese 'Generation Z'; Report: Know your Chinese customers | Azoya Express

[Special] China's policy makers extends transitional regulation of cross-border import to the end of 2018 | Azoya Express

Walk into Germany: Azoya bridge Chinese shoppers and German Retailers; WeChat retention's a challenge for merchants | Azoya Express

Is WeChat Mini-app a 'waste of time' for pureplay e-commerce? What's the right mindset of selling to China | Azoya Express

August 2017

Learn from the 'Blackhole' Companies to stay alive in the competitive China e-commerce market | Azoya Express

Feelunique highlighted China market as 10% of its global revenue; Get exclusive discount for Shoptalk Europe | Azoya Express