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January 2018

Spring Festival Promotion: Opportunity or Challenges? | Azoya International

2018 China E-commerce Outlook for International Retailers | Azoya International

China's 'Consumption Downgrade': True or False; Tmall Global Sales Distribution

December 2017

2018 China Cross-border e-commerce policy outlook

November 2017

2017 Single’s Day: Online shopping frenzy poses new challenges to global retailers; Customers Come First 2018 | Azoya Express

Retail Tech Innovation in China: New Retail, Smart Supply Chain, AI | Azoya Express

October 2017

Azoya Deepens Partnership with China Resources Networks; Localize, Digitalize and Innovate to Stay Competitive in China | Azoya Express

Borderless is the new fashion; Outbound tourism during China's National holiday; Survival of shopping mall in China | Azoya Express

September 2017

4 tips on marketing to Chinese 'Generation Z'; Report: Know your Chinese customers | Azoya Express

[Special] China's policy makers extends transitional regulation of cross-border import to the end of 2018 | Azoya Express

Walk into Germany: Azoya bridge Chinese shoppers and German Retailers; WeChat retention's a challenge for merchants | Azoya Express

Is WeChat Mini-app a 'waste of time' for pureplay e-commerce? What's the right mindset of selling to China | Azoya Express

August 2017

Learn from the 'Blackhole' Companies to stay alive in the competitive China e-commerce market | Azoya Express

Feelunique highlighted China market as 10% of its global revenue; Get exclusive discount for Shoptalk Europe | Azoya Express