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Entering the world's largest e-commerce market with the right strategy - your strategy!

Every journey begins with a single step. Depending on where you go, the journey can be straightforward of full of challenges. Stepping into the Chinese e-commerce market can be very bumpy as the market is not only the biggest e-commerce market in the world, but is also very different from any other markets in the world.

Azoya has been supporting retailers and brands stepping into the largest e-commerce market of the world: China. Before embarking on probably the most exciting business adventure, our team of experts make sure that you have a roadmap in hands, know where to go, at what costs and to avoid what pitfalls.

Scope of Work

Strategy analysis & business plan for China

The Azoya consultants have years of retail and e-commerce expertise to help international retailers tackle e-commerce business in China. We build successful business case for international retailers with strong focus on revenue growth, profitability and sustainability.

China market research

Our research and analytics team help retailers and brands discover the competitive market landscape, customer behavior, customer demands, entry barriers and strategy across multiple inustries, including beauty & cosmetics, mom & baby, nutrition & wellness, food & groceries, fashion & accessories, sports & education.

E-commerce & O2O strategy

We help you decide on when, where and how to launch their e-commerce business in China. Our experience in standalone e-commerce website operation, marketplaces, O2O help you establish a competitive omni-channel strategy to maximize the return of investment. 

Digital marketing & communication

We help you discover the optimum strategy to acquire Chinese customers via traditional, mainstream and emerging marketing channels. Our know-hows bring retailers confidence to market and communicate efficiently with their Chinese customers. 

e-commerce operation

Operating online business in a new market such as China will require different thinking and strategy compared to your domestic business. We establish result-driven operation process to help retailers adapt to the target market and keep in line with the latest trends.

Technology & infrastructure

We review and report on various retail technological innovation and solutions to support retailers omni-channel expansion in the China market, to build competitive cloud-based e-commerce systems, operational-friendly back-ends, APIs, analytics and e-commerce applications to appeal to the Chinese customers and increase overall retail efficiency.

supply chain and logistics

We help you build and optimize supply chain via our integrated warehousing, logistics, and sourcing capability to satisfy the Chinese customers with speedy delivery, while ensuring healthy level of stocks and driving down costs for businesses.

Why work with Azoya

We are a leading borderless e-commerce group headquartered in China. Since launch in 2013, we have helped more than 35 international retailers to expand to the China market via cross-border e-commerce, and have serviced over 100+ clients in consultation for China e-commerce strategy. Over the years, we have built successful and competitive cross-border retail channels and we would like to share opportunities and success with our industry partners.

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