Bodyguard Apotheke

Bodyguard Apotheke


Bodyguard Apotheke is the online business of Germany pharmacy retailer Einhorn Apotheke, which was founded by the Kraus family over 100 years ago in Germany. Bodyguard Apotheke’s online business was launched in 2007 and is now run by fourth-generation descendants Christian Kraus and Sebastian Kraus. It sells over 70,000 SKUs across health supplements, cosmetics & beauty, maternity & baby, fashion, general merchandise, etc.

Cross-border e-commerce to China

Bodyguard Apotheke began working with Azoya in 2014 to enter the China e-commerce market. The pharmacy began by selling popular mom & baby products, later expanding into health supplements and vitamins and cosmetics as well. Bodyguard Apotheke sells top-selling brands such as Salus Floradix, Mucosolvan, Doppelherz, HiPP, and more.


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