Dermacare Direct

Dermacare Direct

Dermacare Direct is an emerging skincare retailer in the United Kingdom. Founded by siblings Andrea and Bhavin Patel in 2009, Dermacare Direct is a cosmeceutical retailer that is designed to bring quality skincare to everyone. 

Dermacare Direct began as an online-only retailer that eventually branched into offline retail, setting up salons and workshops. They pride themselves on having strong customer service and provide free professional advice and skin consultations. Dermacare sells popular cosmeceutical brands such as SkinCeuticals, Sesderma, Dermatix, and more. 

Azoya will be assisting Dermacare Direct through affiliate marketing, in which the two will work with respected affiliate sites in China to drive traffic and sales to Dermacare's Chinese language website. 

Dermacare Direct Official UK Website

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