Mytheresa is an industry leader in the world of online luxury fashion and retail. For over 30 years, the highly successful Mytheresa store cemented its status in Munich as a pillar of style and taste. In 2006 it widened its customer base globally by launching a small e-commerce extension. Currently, MyTheresa has a Chinese language website at, where customers can create orders and manage all historical orders.  The website has a successful track record of selling via cross-border e-commerce to China, offering Chinese customers China Payments, Chinese language website, customer service, direct shipping from overseas to China, etc.

Azoya provided consulting services to MyTheresa

In late 2020, MyTheresa launched an investigation into the user experience since it often received complaints from consumers on slow-speed loading, user-unfriendly interaction and function, and also gaps between MyTheresa current E-com platform and industry best practices.  

In partnership with Mytheresa, Azoya provides offered comprehensive consulting solutions for Mytheresa, including: Network testing, System diagram & topography analysis, as well as function analysis. The research aim to improve customer experience in China and enhance overall retention and conversion rate for the China website.

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