Case Study on Kiwi Discovery

Case Study on Kiwi Discovery

Omnichannel has been a trend in the retail business worldwide. In China, omnichannel retail takes another form - O2O (Online to Offline). 

The rise of O2O retail in China has offered an inspiration for overseas bricks-and-mortar stores that have a large number of Chinese outbound shoppers. Since the transaction journey is moved online under the O2O scenario, sellers can create a customized shopping experience that meets every need of Chinese outbound shoppers. This solution is called Cross-border O2O in Azoya’s solutions kit.

Kiwi Discovery is among those very few first-movers that employ Cross-border O2O solution to capitalize the influx of Chinese tourists. In February 2016, Kiwi Discovery’s cross-border O2O retail was launched by Azoya. Within several weeks preparation, the facilities were deployed and ready to work. Since then, Kiwi Discovery has been able to sell to Chinese tourists in a way seamless and borderless way.