China E-com Insider - Vol 2

China E-com Insider - Vol 2

In 2017, we published our first China E-commerce Insider issue, and the responses exceeded our expectation. The China market, while big and lucrative to many retailers, is in fact full of challenges. In the past year, we have been keeping a very close look at the market, and guide our retail partners as well as industry partners to the most effective path.

While many held the opinion that the increasing crowded market as saturating, we think this is just the very beginning of a new international trade era. The market is full of surprise: Kaola beat Alibaba to become the biggest B2C cross-border e-commerce destination in China; beauty and mom & baby categories showed strong growth potential; fashion industry is bene ting from China’s consumption upgrade; WeChat showed bigger appetite in social commerce since launch of mini-program and WeShop.

For international retailers, now may be the best moment to enter China, as the policies are settling down, and the consumers are increasingly adopting e-commerce to shop from retailers over the worlds. There are more channels to e ectively reach and engage with retailers, and there are more solutions to drive down costs while expanding businesses.

In the past year, Azoya had continued to bring more quality retailers to China, and they had seen over dozen times of growth since launch. Our Single’s Day and Black Friday exceeded our expectation and our history records, which further consolidates our leading positioning in introducing and nurturing new retailers in the competitive China market.

Hope you will nd this issue of China E-commerce Insider useful in the planning and execution of your China expansion strategy.