Demystify 7 Myths About China's eCommerce Market [2016]

Demystify 7 Myths About China's eCommerce Market [2016]

What you will learn in this whitepaper:

You will find the 7 most circulated myths about China’s eCommerce market:

  1. Being a market leader in your country will ensure success in China.
  2. The best choice to enter Chinese market is to open stores on China’s mainstream eCommerce marketplaces.
  3. Entering Chinese market requires a lot of investment.
  4. Chinese customers have explicit trust on foreign products.
  5. Duplicate your local marketing and promotion strategy and things will work out.
  6. Simple translation of your existing e-store and product description is enough.
  7. Chinese cross-border shoppers have more patience in delivering period , so foreign retailers can be rest-assured about logistics.

These myths are to be checked by truth and statics in this report. You will find detailed analyses coupled with representative examples in the report. Enjoy it!