Entering China Via The Web - A How-to Guide

Entering China Via The Web - A How-to Guide

Selling online in China is a huge opportunity for overseas retailers and brands. And it’s never been easier. But that doesn’t make it easy.

In this report, we seek to explain the unprecedented opportunity and how quite a few companies from outside of China are overcoming the considerable obstacles to selling to Chinese consumers via the web.

Three factors combine to make this a huge opportunity for companies from the West and elsewhere in the world: China’s rapidly growing middle class, the penchant for those consumers to buy on the web and a series of policy changes by China’s government that make it far easier than in the past for Chinese shoppers to buy goods from the websites of retailers and brands based overseas.

There are big obstacles to be sure. Language, payment and delivery are some of the big ones. And customer service is even more important in China than in more developed nations. 

In this report, We also provide commentary from retailers and brands that have entered China, letting them explain the obstacles they encountered, how they’ve addressed them and the results they’ve seen.