Getting Started on Tmall Global

Getting Started on Tmall Global

Global brands such as Fenty Beauty, Sephora, and Ikea have all used Tmall Global as a springboard to enter the China market over the past year.

But while brands & retailers from all around the world are flocking to China’s largest cross-border e-commerce platform, many still have trouble understanding its requirements and just how exactly its e-commerce ecosystem works.

We’ve compiled an exhaustive 53-page guide that details the ins and outs of running a store on Tmall Global, such as:

  • How Tmall Global and cross-border e-commerce work
  • The different options sellers have when opening a Tmall Global store
  • How to know when a brand is ready for Tmall Global
  • What the customer makeup on Tmall Global is like
  • How to drive traffic to a Tmall Global store
  • How live streaming works on Tmall Global
  • How new stores on Tmall get rated