We connect global retailers to consumer markets.

Our solutions empower retailers as they expand to the largest e-commerce market in the world - China.

Take your next step into the future by expanding to China with Azoya.

Our Stories

Established in 2013, Azoya is a leading turnkey e-commerce solutions provider and retail operator with headquarters in Shenzhen, the 'Silicon Valley' of China. We were born in the era of e-commerce and bred with ever-evolving retail innovations.

We have over 220 young and talented employees around the world to give retailers a truly global reach. Our expertise lies in China market entry, and our comprehensive business services include e-commerce platform setup, IT integration, logistics, fully-managed operations and marketing, customer services, etc.

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Our Advantages

Direct brand exposure

We understand retailers' pain points and desire to achieve long-term success in China. Our solutions help you sell to China with less risk and a superior return.

Turnkey solutions

Avoid all the hassles of setting up an e-commerce website and local operations with our trusted turnkey solutions.

Local know-how

Changes take place in the China market every day. Leverage our analytics and know-how to capture the latest trends so you can adapt to the market.


Chinese consumers are natural omni-channel buyers and we help you overcome the challenges of multichannel service.


While expanding to China is a big commitment, we proactively help you keep it simple so you succeed.


Managing costs is crucial. Retailers need to ensure sustainability while remaining competitive, and we are in it for the long haul to help you win in China.

They choose Azoya

With all-encompassing services and proactive specialist team, we have earned the trust of more than 35 overseas retailers across 11 countries.


Alex Huang

Alex Huang

Alex has been driving Azoya's vision, strategy and growth as the company helps more and more overseas retailers succeed in China. Alex has previous experience as general manager at a renowned IT giant company in China for 14 years, leading over 2,000 employees of multi-cultural backgrounds. Resourceful and well-connected with China's influential elites, Alex helps overseas retailers establish successful business in China. With Alex taking the helm, Azoya has formed a young and vibrant team dedicated to connecting retailers to consumers.

Don Zhao

Don Zhao

Don is a business pioneer who never settles for less. During his 10 years of experience across more than 23 countries, he developed a broad, global vision of business innovation. When he co-founded Azoya with Alex, he undertook a mission to bridge the gap between overseas retailers and the increasing market demand in China through solid work and innovation.Don is enterprising in operating businesses. His experience in supervising billion-dollar telecom projects drove him a to be a go-getter who always strives to achieve more. He has spoken globally about his insights into e-commerce innovation and how to apply it to help overseas retailers grow their businesses in China.


Jason Becker - CEO of

Working with Azoya is a good investment for the long-term because of their deep Chinese market expertise and proven processes to create successful e-commerce businesses. Looking ahead, I feel very positive - especially as I watch our online orders continuously rise.

Jason Becker - CEO of

Azoya was the first one to approach us with a true and complete solution regarding e-commerce for beauty products in China. They are very efficient in managing operations in China.

Mark Hooper - CEO, Sigma Healthcare

Azoya provides a really nice solution to access the China market, and the opportunity to work with them ensures that we cut through the difficulties of understanding the demand of Chinese consumers. The result doubled our expectation.

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