Azoya Group was awarded the Annual Certified Outstanding Partner of Tencent Smart Retail

by Azoya

On 6.20, Tencent Smart Retail announced the list of 2021 private domain certified partners.

After more than three years of exploration, private domains have entered the 2.0 era in the Chinese market. In order to accelerate the scale development of the private domain ecology, Tencent Smart Retail has started to prepare the "Thousand Domains Plan" from 2021. With the support of private domain ecological partners, a comprehensive growth system will be built to promote the growth of private domains of millions of merchants and the prosperity of private domain ecology.

Since the release of the "Thousand Domains Plan", Smart Retail has continued to launch a series of actions such as partner recruitment, certification assessment, cultivation assistance and benchmark building, which have received enthusiastic participation from partners in various industries and fields.

Within one year, nearly 700 partners have joined the "Thousand Domains Plan". After rigorous evaluation and screening, Azoya Group finally stood out from it and won the annual certification of outstanding operating partners.

For brand & merchants, the "Thousand Domains Plan" certification partner is instructive. It can help brands find professional, appropriate, experienced, and trustworthy partners in the first time, and improve the efficiency of private domain layout in the Chinese market.

The award of the Annual Certified Outstanding Partner is full recognition of the work of Azoya Group by Tencent. We will continue to cooperate with Tencent Smart Retail in the future to help more overseas brands enter the Chinese market.