Pharmacy Online Launch Live Streaming Campaign

by retailbiz

This article was released by retailbiz.

Leading cross-border ecommerce enabler, Azoya has launched a live streaming campaign in China for Pharmacy Online and Pharmacare to help meet consumer demand for high quality and authentic healthcare products from Australia.

Using the latest live streaming features in WeChat’s Mini Program platform, Pharmacy Online hosted the joint campaign on 7 April 2021 with Pharmacare, one of the largest Australian health products groups, with brands including Nature’s Way, Bioglan, Kids Smart, Redwin, Norsca and others. Viewers were given an exclusive tour around Pharmacare’s Sydney office.

Pharmacy Online leveraged the large number of fans from its official WeChat account, driving nearly 6,000 views from existing subscribers. The event resulted in three to seven times higher sales for Pharmacare’s various product lines in China, compared to an average content marketing campaign in WeChat.

“With China’s live streaming industry growing significantly over the past few years, it’s become an essential tool for Australian brands and retailers to directly reach Chinese consumers and promote their products,” said Apple Yuan, managing director of Australia for Azoya. “They love to buy Australian made natural and healthy products from an authentic retailer, even if it means they have to wait longer to receive a parcel shipped from Australia.”

Due to the success of the ongoing campaign, Pharmacy Online is welcoming other Australian healthcare brands to co-host live streaming campaigns to help them expand into the Chinese market, establish brand awareness and leverage the pharmacy retailer’s traffic to increase sales of their products. Read the full article at RETAILBIZ.