The Largest Erotic Webshop from Holland to Launch into China, the largest erotic online shop in Holland, has launched its’ Chinese site on 22 September, 2016 via Azoya.

by Azoya, the largest erotic online shop in Holland, has launched its’ Chinese site – on 22 September, 2016. Azoya, a leading E-Commerce solutions provider in China, partners with Easytoys to be the first cross-border organization operating the Chinese online shop of sex toys. The Chinese consumer can noworder sex toys online through, and have them delivered home from Holland directly.

EasyToys offers a comprehensive assortment with over 12,000 erotic products for him and her. The collection includes toys as vibrators, dildo’s, erotic lingerie, bondage and SM items, as well as related articles such as condoms and lubricant. With a wide and diverse range of products, EasyToys has become a comprehensive sex toy store for adults, and opened online shops in countries surrounding Holland.

China is the world's largest erotic market, the market revenue is expected to reach 13 billion EUR in the near future. Recent research has shown that consumers in China are becoming more concernedabout erotic product safety issues due to the lack of regulation (quality control). Since the market has been filled with unqualified products, they tend to have more faith in foreign brands. Anticipating the rapidly growing demand of high quality erotic products in China, and the cross-border E-commerce trend, EasyToys decided to expand into China to capture this market opportunity.

“We have high expectations about this new development. We are extremely excited to be partnering with Azoya in this venture. The EasyToyswebshop is growing at an amazing rate here in Europe, and taking advantage of the reach and local knowledge that a company like Azoya has will only help our brand grow internationally.” Say Eric Idema, the CEO and founderof Easytoys.

The China site is designed to deliver a more localized and compelling user experience. It has inherited the elements of its origin site by adopting a localized style - a wide assortment of popular brands and categories. The exclusive selection is also presented by a more user-friendly website layout, with a brand new navigation menu grouped by Chinese users identities.

Easytoys’ Newest Collection will be available at at Mid November. Sales is expected to reach its first peak with 11.11 Single Day Sale, the largest shopping holiday in China, which recorded a massive sales of 12.7 billion EUR in just 24 hours in 2015. Azoya has established multiple online distribution channels for Easytoys(Social Media platforms, Dating and Live Broadcasting Apps, funding platform etc.)to ensure Easytoys with the maximum brand exposure to its target audience.

“Azoya has rich experiences in operating online business for overseas retailers in China.” says Don Zhao, Co-founder of Azoya, “With both exceeding understand of Chinese customers behavior and overseas retailers unique uniqueness, we are excited and devoted from the start to achieve the optimal results for EasyToys.”

Introducing the is a remarkable step forward for Easytoys. It helps Easytoys to reach more Chinese customers who love excitement and eroticism. Azoya has been working with Easytoys on the website development, logistics solution design, localized product offerings, customer service and marketing strategy. Sharing the same vision and values with Easytoys, Azoya provides the best support to EasyToys to please one of the large markets in the world - China.

About Azoya

Established in 2013, Azoya is a leading turnkey E-Commerce solutions provider, which endeavors to help overseas retailers break into China via cross-border E-Commerce. The company prides itself as being the e-commerce leader that has signed exclusive agreements with the largest number of overseas retailers in China.

About EasyToys

EasyToys is part of EDC Retail Group. EDC is for everyone who loves excitement and eroticism. EDC Retail Group has a rich history and was founded in March 2004 by Eric Idema . It started out small as a sole proprietorship, now, it is the largest erotic online shop in Holland. In 2005, EasyToys became the first iDeal sex shop. Then in the next year, it won the Audience Awards. With a wide and diverse range of over 12,000 products, EasyToys has become a comprehensive sex toy store for adults.