eTail Germany 2018 - China Workshop

Hotel nhow Berlin (Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin) Germany

The bigger and better eTail 2018 is here, with even more attendees, speakers and companies attending! With over 400 attendees from the biggest and most dynamic eCommerce players around the world, eTail Germany 2018 brings together the eCommerce leaders, innovators and disruptors who will challenge convention and share their proven experience in delivering the truly “seamless retail” experience their customers now expect.

Elena Gatti, China eCommerce expert and managing director of DACH Azoya, will be at the eTail Germany 2018 to deliver an insightful workshop. With all her knowledge about China and expertise in the eCommerce and retail industry, she will host an in-depth discussion of German retailers' China E-commerce expansion!

Time: 14:40, March 13 (Tuesday)

Location: Stream C. eTail Germany 2018

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