Internet World Congress 2017

Ludwigsbrücke, Munich Germany

The Internet World Congress 2017, held this year for the first time by the trade fair Internet World, is getting closer. On 10 and 11 October 2017, the Internet World Congress will take place in Munich. Featured speakers including Brian McBride, Chairman of Ltd, who will talk about the new digital trends, and Philipp Markmann, Chief Marketing Manager of L'Oréal Deutschland, who will share insight on digital marketing in the new era for cosmetic brands.

Elena Gatti from Azoya Germany will be participating in the panel discussion of the day and host an interesting topic about China. The panel will explore the topic whether traders from China who are conquering the German market via setting up German version of their marketplaces will pose threat to German trade, or whether, in reverse, the Chinese version of these marketplaces will open new sales potential for German retailers in Asia.

Join us at the Internet World Congress 2017 and let’s talk about China expansion!

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Christina Richter