Premium Online Beauty & Cosmetics Retailer in the UK

Feelunique is Europe's largest online premium beauty retailer, offering 30,000 products from over 500 brands worldwide. Feelunique developed international retail sites across 120 markets worldwide. In response to exploding demand for international beauty and cosmetics products, Feelunique partnered with Azoya in 2015 on their China expansion journey.

Cross-border e-commerce to China

Due to various limitation such as animal tests and supply chain, Feelunique decided to sell directly to China via cross-border e-commerce instead of building local retail presence. Azoya provides a suite of digital solutions and services to help retailers and brands sell cross-border to China, which is a great fit for Feelunique. Apart from tackling various challenges including e-com platform, international logistics, and payments, Azoya also provide end-to-end customer care services from digital marketing, conversion and customer retention.

In the partnership, Azoya offered comprehensive end-to-end solutions for Feelunique including:

1.Multi-channel China e-commerce (official brand presence through a Chinese language transactional website, WeChat mini-program, native mobile APP and marketplace stores including Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, Kaola and Little Red Book)

2.Daily operation: campaign planning, merchandising, promotion planning, customer service, logistics management, etc.

3.Digital marketing across various platforms: social media, search engines, marketing partnership, live-streaming, influencer (KOL) marketing, paid media.

4.Brand management: content creation, public relationship management, social hearing

5.Customer loyalty building, customer relation management, membership systems

6.Data analytics and strategy consulting

Independent E-commerce in China

In 2015, Azoya helped Feelunique quickly set up presence via official China e-commerce site, which was localised to create a user experience for Chinese customers. To reassure Chinese consumers that they are buying directly from an authentic British retailer, Feelunique’s global official website invite Chinese users to visit its.CN site. Customers pay the same prices as they do in UK - a competitive offer that has made Feelunique a popular online place for high-quality, imported cosmetics in China.

The WeChat mini-program of Feelunique China launched in 2020 featured with a seamless user experience, allowing Feelunique to improve the shopping experience of digital-savvy customers in China, and also allowing more social functions, including sharing, friendship coupons, group buy and WeChat live-stream.

With over 5 years of successful independent store operation, Feelunique launched the official China dedicated App (iOS & Android) in April 2020 for loyal customers. The App is completely designed for Chinese shopping behaviour and leveraged various China exclusive functions.

Marketplace expansion

Feelunique is now launched on various Chinese marketplaces including Tmall, JD, Kaola and Little Red Book to service more authenticity concerned customers. 



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