IllicoPharma is an online pharmacy of the Nesme pharmacy. The Nesme family has been running the pharmacy business in Lyon for over 20 years, and they have embraced E-commerce in 2013. With more than 25,000 product lines, the illicoPharma caters the demands from babies to senior citizens. Their next step is to expand to the China market.

The French made cosmetics, personal care and mom and baby products are very popular in China. Every year, there are countless pharmacy products being purchased by personal shoppers in France and shipped back to China via parcels. There’s great opportunities for French pharmacies if they can reach out to Chinese consumers directly and offer the same price in their bricks and mortar stores.

Azoya will build a standalone Chinese online website for illicoPharma. The Chinese website will collect orders from the customers and synchronize to illicopharma in France, where parcels will be dispatched. Azoya will also take care of localized marketing in China, customer services, China payment, logistics for illicoPharma.

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