Monnier Freres

Monnier Freres

Founded by the Monnier brothers in 2010, Monnier Freres is a well-regarded online retailer of upscale fashion and luxury goods in France. Its wide selection includes the latest luxury bags, accessories, and jewelry from top design labels worldwide. The Monnier brothers have had years of experience with selling luxury goods in Europe, and are skilled in procuring the finest, well-designed products for their customers. Monnier Freres has built up a strong reputation over the years for its high-quality selection and ability to keep up with new trends.

Given Chinese consumer demand for European luxury goods, Monnier Freres has had its eyes set on the China market for quite some time. A few years ago they began selling across borders to China on local marketplace platforms, and in 2017 worked together with Azoya to design and set up a refined standalone e-commerce site specifically for the China market. The site is designed to tell the Monnier Freres brand story well and help Chinese customers understand Monnier Freres' value proposition.  

Azoya's role as an on-the-ground solutions provider enables Monnier Freres to understand changing fashion trends and procure the right merchandise for Chinese consumers. While luxury goods are popular in China, there are many options available for Chinese consumers and the competition is fierce. Being able to stay on top of local trends and quickly adapt to the needs of the market is crucial. Azoya plans to work together with Monnier Freres on its long-term China expansion plans.

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