Perfume's Club

Perfume's Club

Nova Engel is a leading Spanish wholesale business started in 1960. After decades of evolution, the Engel now has one of the biggest distribution network in Spain and European wide. They are seeking future growth in China, where consumers have significant demands for European-made perfume and beauty products.

Perfume's Club is the B2C retail website of Nova Engel and was awarded the best online selling store in 2011. The website offers beauty products for both men and women worldwide. With a broad range of categories available, the website embarks on the journey to selling in China.

The firm will be launching its tailored Chinese e-commerce website in the first half of 2017, providing direct shipping services powered by Azoya’s logistics solution. Azoya’s team will be responsible for marketing, daily operations, customer services on behalf of Perfumes Club.

Chinese consumers have a high demand for European beauty products, and they are always on the look for cheaper, newer, and niche products that are not available in mainland China. Cross-border offers a route for companies holding such products to enter with less friction. For Nova Engel, the B2C route to China is a start, and there is bigger opportunities and imagination for its B2B business to China.

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