Perfume's Club

Perfume's Club

Perfume's Club is a leading Spanish online retailer of beauty & cosmetics products. In 2017, Perfume's Club recognized the enormous opportunity present in China's beauty market and began working with Azoya to expand its business there, focusing on selling cosmetics products that were difficult for Chinese customers to find. 

Azoya's in-house IT and operations teams were able to build a cross-border e-commerce equipped website on Hong Kong-based cloud infrastructure, integrating it with inventory and logistics management systems back in Perfume's Club's home office. 

Today, Azoya's seasoned operations team works closely with Perfume's Club to run day-to-day operations on its official China website, which sells thousands of different beauty products from brands all around the world. Azoya handles marketing, merchandise selection, pricing, customer service, logistics management, and more. 

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