Pharmacy Online

Pharmacy Online


Launched in 1998 as the first online pharmacy in Australia, Pharmacy Online is also a pioneer in China, having entered the market in 2015.

Cross-border E-commerce to China

Pharmacy Online worked with Azoya to launch its China website in February 2015, growing its sales tenfold within the first year-and-a-half. Today, Pharmacy Online sells products in the health, personal care, beauty, and mom & baby categories.

The Azoya Master solution gave Azoya control of Pharmacy Online's China business. 

Visit Pharmacy Online's CN. Website

Embracing Social Commerce

Azoya developed a localized WeChat strategy for Pharmacy Online, which is helping the retailers to retain and interest their customers before, during and after each sale. The strategy focuses on managing the relationship with all paid customers with a much closer personal touch: one-to-one account manager via WeChat Work, live-streaming from Pharmacy Online’s Australian office, and deep integration of WeChat mini-program.

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