Takeya is the oldest discount store in Japan. Known as the “Purple Building” in Tokyo, the discount store offers food, medicine, cosmetics, health food, household goods, electronics, watches, accessories, designer fashion, clothing, and furniture at discounted prices. Takeya has been recommended by various Chinese bloggers and its reputation amongst Chinese tourists has steadily grown over time. With the launch of its Chinese language e-commerce site, high-quality Japanese products can be shipped directly from Japan to Chinese consumers.

Establishing an individual platform enables retailers to take advantage of rapid growth in the China e-commerce market, and avoid fierce price wars that may hurt one's brand image and revenues. Azoya has been working with Takeya on website development, logistics solution design, localized product offerings, customer service and marketing strategy. With integration of popular China payment methods, there will be more opportunities for omni-channel marketing.

This partnership also lowers the risks of entering China. With on-the-ground knowledge of Chinese business practices, domestic policies and market dynamics provided by Azoya, Takeya can localize its strategies and offerings. Sharing the same vision and values with Takeya, Azoya can provide the best support for Takeya’s current and future business expansion plans.

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