Capitalize on WeChat Private Domain: Best Practice 2022

Capitalize on WeChat Private Domain: Best Practice 2022

Among mainstream social commerce platforms, WeChat has emerged as retailers’ foundation for their social commerce strategies, as it is regarded as the must-have growth engine in China. WeChat social commerce benefits retailers by helping them engage digital-savvy customers, build interpersonal, trusted, personalized, value-driven relationships via the private domain theories & practices.

In response, Azoya started to create a social commerce series of four thought leadership whitepapers in early 2019 to educate retailers and brands about this new retail channel. Now Azoya’s new whitepaper decodes the success formula of WeChat Social Commerce: Revenue = Customer Base x Conversion Rate x Repeat Purchase x Average Order Value.

The white paper covers successful case studies of private domain operations and digital marketing best practices from international retailers like Helena Rubinstein, Sephora, Kiehl’s, M.A.C, COS, Lacoste and Florasis.

Download our 64-page white paper to unlock your business opportunity among Chinese customers!