China E-commerce Market - Get One Step Closer

China E-commerce Market - Get One Step Closer

'China's E-commerce Market - Get One Step Closer' is a white paper jointly published by Azoya and China-Britain Business Council (CBBC).

This white paper looks at the key opportunities and challenges that retailers need to be aware of before entering China’s dynamic online retail market. It also includes a useful checklist that pinpoints the practicalities involved in establishing a successful cross-border sales channel.


  • Introduction
  • What's the difference between cross-border and general trade
    • Definition of cross-border e-commerce
    • Comparison between the two import models
    • How to set up your cross-border sales channels
    • Pros and cons of marketplaces
    • Pros and cons of own e-commerce platform
    • Marketing on marketplaces v.s. marketing on own platform
  • Accommodate your mobile customers
    • Mobile shopping is everything in China
    • Current mobile payment methods in China
  • What to consider when shipping products in China
    • Direct shipment
    • Bonded import
  • Checklist
    • Product
    • Orders and fulfillment
    • Price
    • E-commerce
    • Legal
    • How to enter
    • Marketing
  • Conclusion

Download this report and leverage the checklist to help make better decision for China expansion!