The WeChat Mini-Program Playbook For E-Commerce 2021

The WeChat Mini-Program Playbook For E-Commerce 2021

WeChat Mini-programs have been taking China’s e-commerce industry by storm. Built on top of WeChat’s existing platform and IT infrastructure, WeChat Mini-program is the mini-app that can be developed and accessed within WeChat,

Azoya Consulting’s newly-published report, The WeChat Mini-Program Playbook for E-Commerce 2021, gives a quick introduction to WeChat Mini-program, and how top retail players in luxury, beauty, and fashion are using WeChat Mini-program to achieve impressive results. The playbook examines effective WeChat marketing campaigns from major international brands like Burberry, Farfetch, Armani Beauty, Gucci, Sephora and Feelunique.

Download the report to find out more, and learn how your business can leverage WeChat Mini-programs to better engage your customers.